Blackboard for Teachers (2021 Aug)

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Questions and answers 

  1. Is it compulsory to use Blackboard for collecting students’ assignments? I worry the system will disclose the grades.  

    • It is not compulsory to collect students' assignments using Blackboard.  

    • Grades will not be automatically assigned to students' assignment submissions.  If there is no need to grade the submissions and/or release the grades to the students, teachers can still enjoy the convenience of using Blackboard to collect students' assignment submission electronically and use the Grade Center feature to better track and manage the assignment submission attempts (e.g., check attempt records, assignment batch download). 

    • If teachers intend to grade the submissions and/or release the grades to the students BUT prefer releasing the grades only after all submissions have been reviewed and graded, teachers can hide the assignment grade column AND other related calculated column (e.g., Total) before inputting the grades. For more details, please refer to Blackboard Help: Can I control when students see their grades and feedback? 

  1. I would like to collect students’ responses in class. Shall I use Blackboard or another tool? 

    • Please consider using uReply, which is designed for facilitating interactions for learning.  

  1. I need to collect video assignments. Shall I use Blackboard Assignment? 

  1. I will allow students to submit multiple attempts for an assignment. Can I identify and grade their last attempt that was submitted before the due date? 

    • You can check your students’ submission record in Grade Center > View Grade Details 

    • You can ignore invalid attempt (e.g., late submission) under “View Grade Details” as well.  

  1. Can I enroll external guest teachers in my Blackboard course myself? 

    • No. 

    • You can only enroll users with CUHK Staff or Student ID using CUHK User Management Tool.  

    • For external guest teachers, if they need to use multiple systems (e.g., on-campus WiFi, Zoom), you could consider applying external user accounts for them. If they just need to use Blackboard, please contact for the arrangement.  

  1. Can I restrict the videos to only the students taking the course in Panopto? 

    • Yes.  By default, the videos on Panopto are restricted to the students enrolled in the respective Blackboard course.  

  1. The group we create is for the online discussion board? Or Group assignment submission? 

    • It is up to the teacher. Blackboard groups can support multiple purposes, for instance, tutorial group sign up, group assignment, group discussion board. For more information, please refer to Blackboard Help: Groups 

  1. Where can I check grade history in my course?