Blackboard: Quick Start for Original (2022-ITSC-BL-OLE-QS)



Estimated time for study: 

2 - 3 hours

Course structure: 

This course is designed for absolute beginners. It is composed of three parts: 

  • Blackboard Quick Start Checklist for Staff Users: a step-by-step guide of the following basic tasks.  
    • Access Blackboard
    • Notification settings
    • Explore Courses page
    • Create an Announcement
    • Add content (e.g., Item)
    • Create a Discussion
    • Add an Assignment
    • Add a Test
    • Manually enroll a user in your course
    • Set course availability
  • Mastering Grade Center: Official user guides (Blackboard Help) and Blackboard Videos that introduce the features in Grade Center.     
    • Grade Center Basics
    • Grading Assignments
    • Grading Tests
  • Test your understanding: A 20-question quiz for you to check your understanding on the above topics. 

Additional reminders:

Steps to self-enroll to the course and start learning:

1. Access Blackboard

 2. Self-Enroll