Managing Grades and Feedback on Blackboard (2021 Aug)

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Questions and answers 

  1. How to access Full Grade Center in my Blackboard course? 

    • Access your Blackboard course > Course Tools > Grade Center > Full Grade Center.  

  1. I have six assignments and I will count only two for the Total Grade. Can I have a grade column that records the total of those two assignments?  

    • The first way is to create a new Total column for recording the sum of the two assignments. For more, please refer to Blackboard Help: Calculate Grades 

    • Another way is editing the grade column information of the four assignments that do not contribute to the Total grade. Access “Edit Column Information”, then select “No” for “Include this column in Grade Center calculations”. 

  1. We divide a class into groups, and each tutor grades the assignment of a group of students. Can I filter the attempts by groups in Grade Center? 

    • You can consider using Smart View. First, assign the students in groups on Blackboard (Blackboard Help: Create Groups). Please remember to create smart views for the groups.  

    • To learn how to access smart views in Grade Center, please refer to Blackboard Help: Smart Views 

    • However, if you are going to use “Assignment File Download”, please note that this feature will not separate the batch assignment files into groups. 

  1. Will students see each other's grades? 

    • They can only access their own grades. 

  1. How does “Ignore Attempt” work? 

    • You could ignore attempt under “View Grade Details”. Please refer to Blackboard Help: Grade Details tabs 

    • For example, you have set up an assignment that allows two attempts and a student has used up all his attempts. If you ignore one attempt, then he will have one attempt left for his submission.  

  1. Can I batch upload feedback files to students when grading assignment? 

    • Currently, teachers can upload feedback file for a student under the “Feedback to learners” box using the “Add content” button (the plus sign button). There is no batch upload feedback files feature. 

    • Teachers can batch upload comments by downloading the Grade Column as Excel file, entering the comments, and uploading the file back to Blackboard. For more information, please refer to Blackboard Help: Work Offline with Grade Data 

  1. Can we set up assignments that only accept or show the last attempt? 

    • If you allow multiple attempts, Grade Center will keep all the attempts. You can check the record under “View Grade Details”.  

    • You could ignore the previous attempts (see Question 5) and only grade the last attempt.  

    • And by default, the score attempts using of a grade column is “Last Graded Attempt”.   

  1. How to customize the Grade Center? 

  1. How to view test access log? 

    • Access “Grade Attempts” of the test column, expand “Test Information” and click “Access Log”. For more, please see Blackboard Help: Test access log.