Import group members using a csv file

  1. You need to have the "Group Codes" of the groups before you can import members into the groups.  Get the group codes using one of the following methods
    • Export Groups
      1. Export groups to generate group codes, which are useful for importing group members. Click on “Export”.
      2. Click “Submit”.
        Blackboard Help: Export groups
    • View Group Codes
      1. Rollover “View Options” and select “Show Group Code”.
      2. Get the Group Codes.
        Blackboard Help: Group codes
  2. Follow the following steps to import group members
    1. Open an Excel. Fill in the Group Codes and Student IDs as follows. Save it as CSV (Comma delimited).
    2. Click “Import”.
    3. Under Import Group Members, click “Browser My Computer” to select the CSV file. Click on “Submit”.
      Blackboard Help: Import groups
    4. Refresh “Groups” page, and you can see the number of enrolled members is updated.