How to Schedule a Secure Zoom Meeting


To prevent meeting hijacking, please follow the recommendation below when you schedule meetings. You can also edit the options of existing meetings on > “Meetings”.

To learn how to schedule a meeting, you could refer to Zoom Help Center: Scheduling meetings


  • Meeting ID: Use a random Meeting ID, instead of Personal Meeting ID.
  • Passcode: use passcode.
  • Waiting Room: enable waiting room. In case there are participants disturbing the class in the meeting, you can put those participants back to Waiting Room. For more: Zoom Help Center: Waiting Room.
  • Require authentication to join: For more: CUHK EdTech Help Center: Setting a ZOOM meeting to only authenticated users can join (CUHK only)
    • Note: This setting only applies to Zoom desktop client and Zoom app. Please remember to select "Computer Audio only" when you schedule meetings to prevent participants from joining meetings without authentication using telephone. 
  • Allow participants to join anytime: Disable this option. 
  • Mute participants upon entry: Select this option. 

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