Tools and Software for Video Content Creation

Instructors may want to create videos or interactive content to enrich students’ learning experience. We’ve compiled a list of tools and software (with free options) that cover tasks for video/audio capture, video editing, captioning, and interactive content.

Panopto video capture and editing tools

Panopto is a service which you can use to share video files to your students for teaching and learning purposes. You can use the Panopto recorder for pre-recording lecture and make use of the editing tools for simple editing. In Panopto you can also add in-video quiz questions at any point of the video.  

CUHK Panopto 

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TechSmith software screen capture and editing tools

TechSmith Camtasia is a software which you can use to create teaching and learning videos. You can use it to record a video of your screen or bring in your video footage. Then, you can use Camtasia ’s drag-and-drop editor to create videos for sharing with your students. You can also keep your students engaged by adding eye-catching animations, visual effects, music, and captions in no time. 

TechSmith Snagit is a software which you can use to quickly grab an image of whatever's on your screen, annotate it, and share it with your students. Snagit includes some handy editing features that let you tweak your screenshots to fit your teaching needs. 

Software Download and License Registration

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CUHK has purchased a site license to cover all faculty, staff, and students to use the software (with license expiration date July 1, 2025).

Free video editing tools

Both MacOS and Windows System come with free software tools for simple video editing.

iMovie on MacOS 

How to make your own movie with iMovie - Apple Support

Windows Video Editor on Windows

How To Use Free Windows 10 Video Editor | STEP BY STEP For Beginners! [COMPLETE GUIDE] - Bing video


If you are using Panopto to host your teaching videos, you can easily add automatic speech recognition (ARS) captions to your videos. You can also edit the captions directly in the Panopto editor.

Guide to generate ARS in Panopto

In Camtasia, you can easily convert voice recordings in your project into captions. The software uses the Microsoft Speech-to-Text engine to generate captions for you.

Guide to generate captions in Camtasia

AI voice generator

AI Voice Generator is a text-to-speech tool that allows you to convert text to speech (TTS).  You may also create high-quality custom voices by using some advanced features, like speech synthesis markup language (SSML).  




Voice Sample URL 


Amazon Polly 


Google Cloud Text-to-Speech 

Google Cloud

IBM Watson Text-to-Speech 

IBM Watson

Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech 

Microsoft Azure



WellSaid Labs 








Consultation service

Our team is experienced with instructional design, rich media authoring and use of various eLearning technologies required to develop highly interactive and effective courseware for teachers.  We offer consultation service to teachers who want to improve their online teaching practices. We can help them identify their instructional challenges and recommend appropriate technologies to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

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