Using Respondus LockDown Browser (and a Webcam) for Online Exams (for CUHK Students)


  1. Respondus LockDown Browser is a locked browser for students to use to take tests in CUHK Blackboard System. It prevents students from printing, copying, going to another websites, or accessing other applications during a test. It can also prevent students from closing a test before submitting it for grading. If a Blackboard test requires that LockDown Browser be used, students cannot take the test with a standard web browser.
  2. Taking a test that requires students to use Lockdown Browser (and a webcam) on Blackboard is easy.
  3. Preparation for the first time
  4. Taking a test/exam which requires the use of the Lockdown Browser and a webcam
    • Close all running programs/applications
    • Launch Lockdown browser
      • Visit CUHK Blackboard System
      • Enter the Blackbaord course
      • Locate the test/exam
      • Click Begin to take the test/exam
        • Follow the Startup Sequence to ensure the video recording is working
        • The test/exam will begin after you have completed the Startup Sequence
    • Complete and Submit the test/exam
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