Using Respondus LockDown Browser (and a Webcam) for Online Exams (for CUHK Students)


  1. Respondus LockDown Browser is a locked browser for students to use to take tests in CUHK Blackboard System. It prevents students from printing, copying, going to another websites, or accessing other applications during a test. It can also prevent students from closing a test before submitting it for grading. If a Blackboard test requires that LockDown Browser be used, students cannot take the test with a standard web browser.
  2. Taking a test that requires students to use Lockdown Browser (and a webcam) on Blackboard is easy.

The Steps

  1. Preparation for the first time
  2. Taking a test/exam which requires the use of the Lockdown Browser and a webcam
    • Close all running programs/applications
    • Launch Lockdown browser
      • Visit CUHK Blackboard System (Remarks: 2FA (DUO Two Factor Authentication) is required for accessing Blackboard, starting from 3 July 2024 for students. Avoid changing your phone right before the assessment. Ensure that you have successfully enrolled your account and registered your device in DUO. Additionally, please check and attempt to sign on to Blackboard before the assessment.)
      • Enter the Blackbaord course
      • Locate the test/exam
      • Click Begin to take the test/exam
        • Follow the Startup Sequence to ensure the video recording is working
        • The test/exam will begin after you have completed the Startup Sequence
    • Complete and Submit the test/exam

More information

  1. Self Practice:
    • In addition to joining the Practice Test/Exam set up by the course teacher / TA, students may follow this user guide to try taking some dummy tests set up by ITSC to test their computer, equipment and internet connection themselves.
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