Panopto: Classroom Recording

I. Get ready the classroom/LT AV Equipment

  • Make sure you have the password to access AV equipment cabinet in the classroom / lecture theatre (LT). 
  • If there is no lectern mic in the classroom/LT, you need to use the wireless mic / wired hand-held mic.
  • Turn on the built-in computer in the classroom/LT and connect to the internet.
    • Run the “Internet Login” icon on desktop. Log in with your Computing ID and OnePass password.
    • Please note that 2FA (DUO Two Factor Authentication) is needed for VPN (network) connection in classrooms. 

II. Launch Panopto Recorder

III. Record using the Panopto Recorder application. 

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct course video folder (if necessary, expand 'Blackboard (private)' under 'All folders' to search for the course).
  2. Use a microphone and check the volume level:
    • Choose audio source. Check that the volume bar moves when you speak into the lectern mic / wireless mic. Move the blue dot to adjust the recording volume.
    • If “Failed to Start Devices” error is prompted when choosing audio source, please refer to CUHK EdTech Help Center: Panopto Recorder shows "Failed to Start Devices"
  3. Select “Capture Computer Audio” if you will play video and/or audio.
  4. Before clicking the record button, enable screen capture preview to preview the recording being captured.

IV. Pause, stop and upload the recording

  1. You could click "Pause" to pause the recording if needed. When the recording is paused, Panopto will continue to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version. You can always get this content back by using the editor.
  2. Click “Stop” when it is time to stop the recording.
  3. On the “Recording Complete” pop-up window, click “Done.”
  4. IMPORTANT: Wait until the two “Upload Progress” bars indicate that the upload is complete. Do NOT close the Panopto Recorder when the upload is in progress. 
  5. You can close the Panopto Recorder application when you see the status of "Uploaded Recordings" is "Processing". It will take some time for the system to process your recording. 

V. Back up the local recording files

  • A set of local recording files of your recording will be stored on the classroom computer supported by AVSU for ONE day.
  • For most of the built-in computers in the classrooms/LT, the location is D:\PanoptoRecorder.
  • We highly recommend backing up the local recording files of your recording. You may check the “Date modified” to see which folder(s) are related to your recordings, and copy & paste the folder(s) to your own USB drive or OneDrive. Then contact us ( for the follow-up. 

Contact us ( / ITSC Service Desk: