Student Preview

Common Usage of Student Preview

  • Check Tests and Assignments which are available to students.
  • Check Adaptive Release “Membership” setting (e.g. enroll the preview user account to a certain group to check if an item is visible/invisible to the group).
  • Note: Student Preview is not available for Panopto Video (More information)

Enter Student Preview.

  1. Click "Student Preview".
  2. Student Preview mode is ON. 
  • When you enter student preview mode and are logged in to your course with the preview user account, your preview user appears in the course roster. 
  • The last name is your last name appended with _PreviewUser and the username is your username appended with _previewuser.
  • The preview user is visible to all students enrolled in the course.

Exit Student Preview

  1. Click on "Exit Preview".
  2. Keep the preview user’s data for further checking OR delete your preview user account.