Share a Panopto folder with specific students in class

By default, videos uploaded to a Panopto folder are available to all students of its Blackboard Course. 

If you would like to release your videos to specific students, you need to create a sub-folder, change its users and permissions as follows, and upload the videos to this folder. 

1.Create a new folder

Access your Panopto folder. Click “Add folder” and enter a name for the sub-folder.

2. Stop inheriting users and permissions

Access the sub-folder that you have just created. Click “Share”  and then click “Change” to stop inheriting users and permissions of the parent folder. 

Select “Keep 2 members as added users”, then click “Stop Inheriting”.

3. Remove the viewer group and add users to the viewer list

Under "People and groups", remove the viewer group. Then add the Staff or Student ID with whom you want to share the folder as "Viewer". “Save” the changes.

Remember to check the users and permissions after saving the changes.

If needed, you can request testing student account(s) from us ( for checking / testing before sharing the videos.  

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