Zoom Cloud Recordings


You can perform Cloud Recording or Local Recording in Zoom meetings.

This article focuses on Cloud recording. 

  • Host and co-host can start a cloud recording. 
  • The recording will start processing after the meeting is ended.
  • Only the original host (not co-host or alternative host) can manage their cloud recordings.

Recording Gallery View

You have to update the setting as follows to allow the recording of Gallery View:

  • Sign in https://cuhk.zoom.us > “Settings” > “Recording” > “Record gallery view with shared screen” > “Save”.
  • If you are in gallery view, the recording will be like the meeting client and display a grid layout of participants' video. The gallery view recording can only display a maximum of 25 participants.

Recording Chat

For meetings, the chat transcript saved on the cloud will only include chat messages sent to everyone and while you were cloud recording. Messages sent between individuals are not saved on the cloud.

For more: Zoom Help Center: Saving in-meeting chat

Recording in Breakout Rooms

If the meeting is being cloud recorded, it will only record the main room, regardless of what room the meeting host is in.

Managing Cloud Recordings

  • You can share your cloud recordings under “Recordings” > “Cloud Recordings” > “Share…”. You can then copy and share the recording information. Anyone with the recording link and passcode can access the recording.
  • You can download the cloud recordings.