CUHKxFeedbackFruits | Unlocking the power of Peer Assessment with FeedbackFruits (2024 May)

This training is an introduction to the FeedbackFruits tool suite. The session is an opportunity for you to see the tools within the tool suite, understand which tool will fit our needs better and ask questions. 
In this session, we will focus on and cover the basics of our Feedback & Assessment tools, Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation, including set up and features available. We will also walk through the analytics provided in the tools as students are making progress and how to read and utilize the analytics. 

The demo will be based on the following three use cases. 

  • Use case 1 (Group Member Evaluation):
    • Students work in groups for their final project.
    • After the submission and the presentation, you would like them to anonymously evaluate how their group members performed.
    • The marks will not be disclosed to students. It is for you to review how students performed in the group project.
  • Use case 2 (Group Member Evaluation):
    • Students deliver their presentation in class.
    • You would like the audience to give instant feedback to the presenter. If not instant, allow the audience to submit the feedback after class.
    • The presenters (students) will receive and review the feedback later for improvement.
  • Use case 3 (Peer Review):
    • Students are going to share their written reports with their class.
    • You would like students (and yourself) to give comments on their peers' work.
    • You also allow the students to respond to their peers' comments.
    • You would also like students to view others' comments (i.e., feedback on others' work).

Target audience:

  • Teaching staff
  • Support staff
  • Teaching assistant

Presented by:

  • Eugenie Hsueh, Pilot and Partner Manager (APAC), FeedbackFruits

Medium of instruction:

  • English

Date and time: 

  • May 16, 2024 (Thu)
  • 1200 - 1300



If you have questions, please contact us at ITSC Service Desk ( or