Blackboard Instructor Guide (Original Course View)


  • Blackboard is a full-featured learning management system (LMS). It provides an integrated set of tools to support course delivery, learning communities, content management, and assessment. Teachers can set up courses in Blackboard for students to access learning materials, submit assignments, take part in discussions, take quizzes, etc. online.

2020 Blackboard Instructor Resources

2020/21 Special Arrangements


2020 Blackboard Online Training

2020 Blackboard Challenge (a.k.a. 30min Quick Start)

Detailed step-by-step walk-through of everything

  1. Access CUHK Blackboard system

  2. Understand the interface

  3. Common user management requests

  4. Common course management requests

  5. Create a supportive learning environment

    • Ideas:
      • You could create a supportive e-learning environment and engage students starting from the very beginning of the term.  
      • The welcome page introduces the course, the teacher, and TA. 
      • Students can grasp the basic information at a glance once logged in the course. 
      • You could set up space for students to introduce themselves and know each other. 
      • You could then have a better understanding of your students (e.g. their background knowledge, the reason why they take the course, etc.) 
    • Tools and Resources: 
  6. Share course materials and create class activities

    You are going to prepare content and online activities before the term starts. 
  7. Open the Blackboard course to your students

    Suppose the course settings, content, and activities are ready now. It is time to allow students to access the course.
  8. Track traffic of the course

    • Ideas 
      • You would like to have an idea of student engagement. 
      • You could then remind students, or encourage them to keep the good work up depending on their participation.
    • Tools
  9. Check assessment results and Grade Assignment

  10. Backup Course