Blackboard's ZOOM Integration


The Zoom integration provides a convenient one-stop access for both teachers, TAs, support staff, and students.  It allows teachers, TAs and support staff to schedule, start and manage meetings, and allows students to join Zoom meetings and access cloud recordings directly from Blackboard.

Special Notes:

  • If there are multiple teachers, TAs, support staff in the course, they would be assigned as the "alternative hosts" when scheduling the meetings. They can start the meetings as the meeting hosts or join the meeting as co-hosts (even the meetings are not scheduled by them).
  • The meeting will still be considered running under the user account who originally schedule the meeting.  Zoom does not allow a user to host multiple meetings at the same time. If the host attempts to have concurrent meetings by scheduling two different meetings at the same time and enables join before host for both meetings (or has an alternative host start one of the meetings), issues will occur (Details of the issues)
  • People who are not enrolled in the Blackboard Course are still able to access the Zoom meeting, if they have got the meeting link, or meeting ID and passcode.


  1. Make the menu item "ZOOM" available to students by clicking "Show Link". 

  2. Students will be able to see the link when it looks like this.

  3. To schedule a meeting, access Zoom’s interface and then click on Schedule a New Meeting under Upcoming Meetings.  The options are similar to how you schedule a new meeting in CUHK ZOOM Portal at  After the meeting has been scheduled, you can start / edit / delete the meetings as needed.
  4. Remember to remind students to click on "ZOOM" on the course menu and use the "Join" button of the meeting under "Upcoming Meetings" to join the meeting.
  5. Instructor and TA/Support Staff can access the reports, and view the recordings (which are passcode protected) on the Zoom's interface.