Respondus 4.0

Respondus (Respondus 4.0 Videos) is a Windows based test authoring software, which particularly suits teachers who would like to build relatively huge question pools. With Respondus, you can create online tests using word processing tools that you are familiar with (such as Microsoft word, Notepad) and quickly publish the questions to a number of eLearning systems. You can also retrieve and edit online tests using the software. Respondus files that are saved in your PC can be published to other courses anytime later.

The University has obtained a campus-wide license of the software.  The license allows teachers and teaching support staff to download and install the software in their home and office PC for free. Interested parties please contact ITSC eLearning Team at or ITSC Service Desk for more information.  The eLearning Team can also arrange face-to-face software demo and training sessions for interested teachers and teaching support staff.  Don’t hesitate to contact the eLearning Team if you are interested.