CUHK License Transition to “Zoom One for Education (Enterprise Essentials)” on 26 Jan 2024 (Friday) around 9:24am


On 26 Jan 2024 (Friday) around 9:24am, CUHK Zoom for Education account transitioned to Zoom One for Education (Enterprise Essentials) account.

With the new license, below plans are assigned the following CUHK computing accounts when they sign in to Zoom with SSO (company domain: using CUHK Login: 

See below a list of new features offered under the two plans respectively.

  • Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials
    • Meeting (capacity: 500), Webinar (attendee capacity: 500), unlimited Whiteboard, and Translated Captions
  • Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student
    • Meeting (capacity: 300), and unlimited Whiteboard

According to the company, the license transition must take place at 01:24 GMT (i.e. 9:24am HKT), and the license transition is very fast, seconds. To minimize interruptions caused by unexpected plan changes to users, the company also offers to initially assign the “Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials” plan to all the above listed computing accounts, and allows time for gradual re-assignment of the “Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student” plan to respective computing accounts after the cutover.


Although the company assured that the change is transparent and the potential impact on normal activities on Zoom will be minimal during the license transition, users should pay attention to the following reminders:

  • Avoid using Zoom to support high-stake activities on Jan 26 (Friday), particularly around the cutover at 9:24am HKT.
  • For Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student" plan users, you can schedule webinars when your account is temporarily upgraded to the "Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials" plan during the transition period. However, please refrain from using it to host webinars. This upgrade is temporary and will eventually revert back to the "Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student" plan, which does not include the webinar feature. Any ongoing webinars under your computing account will be interrupted when this update takes place.

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