Special account arrangement for using ZOOM


All CUHK staff members and students, with valid CUHK computing accounts, are granted the meeting300 license to host meetings up to 300 participants.

For those who do not have CUHK computing accounts, if they would like to host Zoom meetings with meeting300 license under https://cuhk.zoom.us, and/or join Zoom meetings that require authentication to join (CUHK only), they should take the actions below.  

Teachers whose CUHK accounts are not ready

  1. Please check with HRO and/or their unit to see if the accounts will be ready soon.
    Collect CU Link Card and Computing Account Information (CAI) Slip when the accounts are ready. (Details)
  2. Please consider applying for external user account or project account if needed for temporary use (See "External user account & Project account" below).

A visiting scholar / lecturer, Non-CUHK students under a study programme which provides 17% overhead charges to the University

Please consider applying for external user account or project account (See "External user account & Project account" below).


Alumni can host meetings (40 mins limit for meetings more than 2 attendees) with their Alumni Account. They can also join meetings which 'require authentication to join (CUHK only)'.

Information on External user account & Project account

  • ITSC Website: External user account 
    • External user account holders should follow the below steps to access CUHK Zoom. 
      1. Access https://cuhk.zoom.us or ZOOM Mobile App. Click "Sign in"
      2. Enter the account email (e.g. z123456@cuhk.edu.hk) and the password on the CUHK Login page.
  • ITSC Website: Project account
  • Remarks:
    • Please try out Zoom before the meeting to make sure the user can access Zoom with the account. 
    • Please also download all recordings and/or reports before the account expires for backup if needed.  
    • Zoom does not require Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Please note some services require 2FA. For more, please refer to ITSC Website: DUO Two Factor Authentication (2FA).