Pools and Question Sets


  • “Randomize Questions” under Test Options randomizes all questions in a test. If teachers would like to randomize part of the questions, they should use question set.
  • You can choose the number of questions from the question set to show. The questions are then randomly distributed, so each student sees a different set of questions.


Create a Pool

  1. Access Blackboard Course > “Control Panel” > “Course Tools” > “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”. Click “Pools”.
  2. Click “Build Pool”. On the Pool Information page, type a name. Click “Submit”.
  3. On the Pool Canvas, click “Question Settings” to check and modify the settings. Rollover “Create Question”, select the question type (e.g. Multiple Choice, Essay, File Response).

Create a Question Set in a Test

  1. Once the questions are ready in the pool, access “Tests, Surveys and Pools” > “Tests” to build a new test or edit a test which you have already created. On the Test Canvas, rollover “Reuse Question” > “Create Question Set”.
  2. Select the pool and the questions. Click “Show All” before you select all questions if the page does not show all questions. Click “Submit”.
  3. Enter the Number of Questions to display.

Once the test questions are ready, you could add the test to a content area. For more, please refer to Blackboard Help: Add a test or survey to a content area

Please go through the below page as well: Blackboard Online Test Best Practices for teachers and supporting staff