Panopto Recorder shows "Failed to Start Devices"

Please check the computer and see if the recorder software is blocked (e.g. by anti-virus program) and try again. For Windows 10 users, please also check to allow apps to access your microphone and camera (details can be found here).

If you are using Kaspersky Anti-virus software, please make sure that Panopto is under the list of its “Trusted Applications”:

  1. Go to Kaspersky, open Settings. 
  2. Go to "General Settings > Exclusions". Click "Settings" on the right of "Scan exclusions and trusted applications". 
  3. In Trusted zone window, go to "Trusted applications" tab, click "Add > Applications". 
  4. Type "panopto" on the right text box to search for Panopto Application, then selected Panopto in the Application list, click "OK".
  5. Tick the boxes as below, click "OK".
  6. Click "OK" in Trusted zone window.
  7. Click "Save" in Settings page.

You may also refer to Kaspersky's support article here for details.

For classroom lecture recordings, please refer to page 15 of our step-by-step guide.

Please contact the Support Team at for assistance if the problem persists.