Microsoft 365 for Teachers (2020 Aug)



Questions and answers


Q: There are a number of IT tools available at CUHK. Which tool(s) should I use for teaching? Can I use a combination of tools?


  • First, plan your class activities. 
  • Then, understand the purpose(s) and features of the available IT tools. Figure out why you choose to apply that/those tool(s) in your class. You can contact us ( for discussions, and/or try out them if needed. 
  • In addition, you are advised to consider if your students are familiar with the tool(s) as well. If needed, please consider providing user guides and/or introductory session(s) about the tool(s) that you are going to use. 

Microsoft Teams: Meeting, Calls and Chat Features

Q: I am using my browser to access a Team meeting. I cannot use some features that my colleagues are using. What should I do?


Q: Is polling available in Teams meeting?


  • Teams can integrate with other third-party services that support polling, such as Polly.

Q: Is breakout room available in Teams meeting?


Q: Can other participants annotate my PowerPoint / shared screen in my Teams meetings?


  • No, they cannot if they are not presenters in the meeting.  Yes, they can if they are presenters in the meeting.

Q: Do I need to apply to use Teams Meeting, Call and Chat features?


  • You can use the meeting, call and chat features without submitting application to ITSC.  The features are available under "Chat" (More).

Q: I would like to use Teams Meeting feature instead of ZOOM Meeting feature to deliver online lessons.  What should I do?  


  • First, apply for a project account in the student tenant to create and manage the Teams Meeting.  Request to enable Stream license for this @link project account as well.
  • After the @link project account is ready, visit your Blackboard course, follow the instructions to create Teams meetings and ask students to use the meeting links created to join the individual Teams meetings.
  • If you record the Teams meeting, the recording will be available in Stream.

Microsoft Teams: Teams Feature

Q: Microsoft is adding new features to Teams. Where can I get the product news?


Q: I cannot create a team.  How can I create it?

  • Creation of Teams is disabled, but ITSC can help to create it for you. Please visit How to apply (More).

Q: When do I need a Team?

  • If you plan to use it to support collaborations of your class and thus would like the shared files be persistently stored in the team sharepoint site (as compared to storing in the OneDrive of the individual users who sent the file when using the chat feature (More).
  • Please specify in your application that the Team is for supporting the teaching of your class and provide the Course ID.  We can help to enroll students into the Teams according to CUSIS enrollment data
  • The team will be created on the Student tenant.  You will need to apply for a project account in the Student tenant to manage the team as well. Request to enable Stream license for this @link project account as well.


Q: Why can’t I add my students in my Class Notebook?


  • CUHK staff and students are separated groups under “The Chinese University of Hong Kong”. If you need to collaborate with your students using Class Notebook, please apply for a project account in “student cloud”.