Setting a ZOOM meeting to only authenticated users can join (CUHK only)


By default, anyone who has the link and passcode of a Zoom meeting can join the meeting (or arrive at the waiting room of the meeting). You could set the meeting to 'Only authenticated users can join (CUHK only)', so participants will be required to sign in via CUHK Login page before joining the meeting. Also, the user information (e.g., name, email) will be captured in the reports.

For more information, please refer to:


  1. Access > "Settings". Under "Meeting", select "Security", scroll down and enable "Only authenticated users can join meetings". You should see "CUHK only (Default)" for "Meeting Authentication Options".  
  2. Then, Schedule a Meeting
  3. Please note that this setting only applies to Zoom desktop client and Zoom app. Please consider selecting "Computer Audio only" to prevent participants from joining meetings without authentication using telephone.
  4. Under "Security" option, select " Require authentication to join". Then you should be able to see "CUHK only" and "*" under the option. "Save" this setting for the meeting.