Blackboard: Learn Advanced Teaching for Original (ITSC-BL-OLE-AT)


Intermediate - Advanced


This course is composed of three modules: Monitoring Student Performance; Building Online Communities; and Designing Engaging Content.

  • Monitoring Student Performance:  In this module, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the tools and features that help monitor and evaluate student performance.
  • Building Online Communities:  We will explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer in this module.
  • Designing Engaging Content:  You will learn strategies for effectively designing and organizing content to increase student engagement within your courses in this module.

Course structure:

  • Module 1: Monitoring Student Performance
    • Lesson 1.1: Preparing for Success
    • Lesson 1.2: Grade Center Basics
    • Lesson 1.3: Grade Center Advanced
    • Lesson 1.4: Working with Grades
    • Lesson 1.5: Retention Center
    • Lesson 1.6: Troubleshooting Student Performance
  • Module 2: Building Online Communities
    • Lesson 2.1: Online Communities Overview
    • Lesson 2.2: Making the Most of Discussions
    • Lesson 2.3: Journals and Blogs
    • Lesson 2.4: Working with Wikis
    • Lesson 2.5: Collaborating with Groups
    • Lesson 2.6: Evaluating Students
  • Module 3: Designing Engaging Content
    • Lesson 3.1: Plans and Possibilities
    • Lesson 3.2: Prepare Your Content
    • Lesson 3.3: Create Your Lesson
    • Lesson 3.4: Customize Content Delivery

Additional reminders:

Steps to self-enroll to the course and start learning:

1. Access Blackboard

 2. Self-Enroll