Q&As for IT Support Staff on 2020 Aug 5

Questions and answers

Library Services

Q: Is “Reading List” available in Blackboard Courses?


  • Yes. By default, the link of “Reading List” is available in Blackboard Course Menu. It is shown to students. 

Q: Teachers have questions about Library services. Where can they find the information?


Special Support for Users in China

Q: Users cannot access CUHK’s IT systems in China. Can they use VPN in the coming academic year?


  • Yes. More details about the new VPN service will be released soon.
  • Please also note that the performances vary among different cities and network service providers. 

Student Facilities

Q: Students encounter difficulties regarding online learning (e.g. lack of equipment, lack of a quiet learning space). What should they do?


  • Students should prepare for online learning before the school starts (e.g. purchase notebook, microphone and/or webcam in advance if needed). 
  • In case they encounter difficulties, they should contact their teachers and/or programme office for further support.