Course Content Access Control - Adaptive Release


  • Applicable to all course content items
  • You can use adaptive release to show the appropriate content, to select individuals, at the appropriate time
  • You can add four types of criteria when you create rules:
    • Date
    • Membership
    • Grade
    • Review Status
  • For detailed information: Blackboard Help: Release Content


Note: if needed, please consider making the item unavailable (Blackboard Help) before you apply adaptive release to it.

  1. Access an item's menu and select “Adaptive Release”. You can add one or more than one criterion.
  2. If you want to restrict the item to a / a group of user(s), click “Browse” under MEMBERSHIP section.  You will see a pop-up window. 
  3. Click the checkbox(es) to select the user(s). Then click “Submit”.
  4. Click “Submit” on the Adaptive Release page to confirm the change(s).
  • If you have made the item unavailable before you applied adaptive release, please update the setting  (Blackboard Helpso that students who meet the criteria can access it. 
  • You can check the visibility of the item using "User Progress".