The current ZOOM license allows a meeting with up to 300/500 participants only. What if more than 300/500 participants are expected?


  • Special arrangement has to be made by ITSC to allocate a large meeting license, which allows up to 1000 participants, and Faculties should submit a request to ITSC using the application form.  
  • Apart from “Meeting”, ZOOM can conduct “Webinar” which allows up to 10,000 participants.  “Meeting” and “Webinar” have different functionality. 

ZOOM Licenses

  • CUHK's ZOOM service license is Zoom One for Education (Enterprise Essentials).

    With the license, CUHK staff users and student users are assigned below plan respectively when they sign in to Zoom with SSO (company domain: 

    • CUHK Staff user accounts: Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials
    • CUHK Student user accounts: Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student
  • See below a list of new features offered under the two plans respectively.

    • Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials
      • Meeting (capacity: 500), Webinar (attendee capacity: 500), unlimited Whiteboard, and Translated Captions
    • Zoom One for Education Enterprise Higher Ed Student
      • Meeting (capacity: 300), and unlimited Whiteboard
  • For other licenses:
    • For meetings, the University has some large meeting license for 1000 participants
    • For webinars, the University has a few webinar licenses of 1000 / 3000 / 5000 attendees.

Webinar Licenses

Large Meeting License

  • One-time meeting1000 license can also be arranged by request free of charge.   Please consider the options suggested in and the following:
    • Disable Join Before Host
    • Enable the Waiting Room Feature
    • Limit Sharing to the Host
    • Make Co-Host the speaker (only available to the host): Assign the attendee to be a co-host. You can have an unlimited number of co-hosts. 
    • Stop Video: Stop the participant's video stream so they are unable to start their video.
    • Rename: Change the attendee name that is displayed to other participants. This change only applies to the current meeting.
    • Put in Waiting Room: Place the attendee in a virtual waiting room while you prepare for the meeting. The host must enable waiting room for this option to appear.
    • Put On Hold: If the waiting room is not enabled, you'll see this option to place the attendee on hold.
    • Remove: Dismiss a participant from the meeting. They won't be able to rejoin unless you allow participants and panelists to rejoin.

Additional suggestions:

Additional reference on ZOOM Security:

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Application Form

Steps to check your ZOOM user account profile for the assigned license(s) and capacity