Using focus mode in Zoom


In focus mode, only the host can see participants’ videos (or profile pictures when video is off). Additionally, participant’s screen sharing can only be viewed by the host by default in focus mode.

Please go through ‘Prerequisites for focus mode’ on Zoom Help Center: Using focus mode before using it.


  1. Access CUHK Zoom web portal ( > ‘Settings’ > ‘Meetings’ > 'In Meeting (Advanced)'. Make sure ‘Focus Mode’ is enabled.
  2. Hosts have the ability to schedule meetings with focus mode, so that the meeting automatically starts with focus mode on.
  3. Or, the hosts can start focus mode in a meeting. Start a meeting. Then click ‘More’ > ‘Start Focus Mode’.
  4. Click ‘Start’ to confirm or select the ‘Don’t ask me again’ check box to skip this confirmation going forward.
  5. The focus mode icon is always visible in the top-left corner of the video window, next to the encryption icon, while focus mode is active.


  • Participants in focus mode will only see the video of the host, co-hosts, any participants spotlighted by the host, and their own video.
  • Participants in focus mode can see other participants' names, their nonverbal feedback or reactions, and hear them when unmuted.
  • Participants’ shared screens are only visible to the host and co-hosts, but the host can allow all other participants to view as well.

For more information about focus mode, and its examples, you could refer to Zoom Help Center: Using focus mode.