Blackboard's H5P integration


With H5P, you have the power to create interactive content for your Blackboard course. It offers a wide range of templates and content types, including course presentations, quizzes, scenario branching exercises, interactive videos, and more. By utilizing H5P, you can easily incorporate engaging and interactive learning content into your course.

H5P’s integration with Blackboard

H5P has been integrated into our Blackboard system, enabling you to add learning content directly to your course. With this integration, you can easily incorporate interactive activities and track scores and results using Blackboard's Full Grade Center.

Original Course View: Go to Course content area > Build Content > H5P

Ultra Course View: Click Books & Tools > Browser all course tools > H5P


H5P Examples and Downloads 
H5P documentation for authors 

Want to learn more about H5P?

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