A three-session workshop on “AI for Peer Support: Empowering Inclusive Learning for SEN Students”

A workshop on using AI tools like ChatGPT to support SEN students in the university. The workshop is divided into three sessions. The total duration of the workshop is approximately 3 hours.  

*Further information about the workshop, including the date, time, and location, will be announced shortly. The proposed agenda for the sessions remains tentative and is subject to adjustments or updates as needed.

Session 1: Introduction to Generative AI Tools and Their Benefits for Learning (45 minutes)

  • Summary: 
    • In this session, participants will be introduced to each other and the common challenges faced by SEN students. They will learn about generative AI tools like ChatGPT and their applications in education. 
  • Detailed Activities:
    1. Welcome and icebreaker activity
    2. Common challenges for SEN students: Present an overview of the common challenges faced by SEN students, such as note-taking, understanding complex concepts, and communication.
    3. Presentation on generative AI tools: Provide an overview of tools like ChatGPT, focusing on their features and capabilities.
    4. Use case examples for general learning: Show real-life examples of how generative AI tools can facilitate learning in general, encouraging participants to think about potential applications for supporting SEN students.

Session 2: Hands-On Experience with AI Tools (45 minutes)

  • Summary: 
    • During this session, participants will have hands-on experience with AI tools through a live demonstration, guided practice, and individual or group work. They will explore how these tools can help SEN students, and the facilitator will provide assistance and feedback as needed.
  • Detailed Activities:
    1. Demonstration: Conduct a live demonstration of ChatGPT or similar tools, showcasing their features and functionalities.
    2. Guided practice: Provide step-by-step instructions for participants to set up and use the AI tools on their devices.
    3. Individual or group work: Participants can choose to work individually or in groups to explore the AI tools and brainstorm ideas on how they can particularly help peer SEN students.

Between Session 2 and Session 3: Individual and Group Work with ChatGPT

Participants will be provided access to the ChatGPT chatbot to continue working individually and in groups. They can use this time to prepare for their presentations in Session 3, refining their ideas on how generative AI tools can particularly help SEN students.

Session 3: Discussion and Exploration of Future Collaboration (45 minutes)

  • Summary: 
    • In the final session, participants will present their findings and experiences from using AI tools, followed by an open discussion on the potential of these tools to provide peer support. The workshop will conclude with a summary of key learnings, a discussion of collaboration opportunities, and resources for further exploration.