Camera, microphone and speaker cannot be used with Zoom client

We received some reports from our users that their camera, microphone, and speaker were not working with their Zoom client.

If you encounter the above problem, please contact us at or ITSC Service Desk (, and provide us with the following information:

  • Zoom version (Zoom Support: Viewing the Zoom version number)
  • The screenshot of the meeting / issue, or, capture the camera preview under ‘Settings’ > ‘Video’ page in your Zoom client (Zoom Support: Previewing your video before joining).
  • Kaspersky details as below:
    1. Application version and Database release date: Access ‘Support’ and check the Application version and Database release date. For Windows computer, you can access ‘Support’ by right click the ‘K’ icon.  
    2. Find ‘Reports’ and check ‘Host Intrusion Prevention’. Check if there are any entries related to Zoom. If Host Intrusion is preventing Zoom to access the Camera / Microphone / Speaker, go to ‘Settings’ and temporary turn OFF ‘Host Intrusion Prevention’. Then save the setting, launch Zoom again and see if this can be resolved. Please let us know the result and turn the option ON when you have finished using Zoom.

Some users could resolve the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Kaspersky. You could try that as well.

Additional information from Zoom Support:

Please contact us at or ITSC Service Desk ( if you have questions.