Points to note for students regarding Blackboard assignment submission

Points to note

  1. Please give yourself sufficient time to submit your assignment to Blackboard. 
  2. You should submit your assignment with a computer (instead of mobile device) and a stable network.
  3. Check submission receipt to make sure the submission is successful, as mentioned in Blackboard Help: Common Questions About Assignments (See 'How do I check that my assignment was submitted?'). Please also refer to the following part for more about submission receipt.
  4. DO NOT submit assignment by Blackboard App, as “confirmation numbers and email notifications for submission receipts are not available in the app” (Blackboard Help: Tests and Assignments in the Blackboard App).
  5. If you encounter unexpected issue, please report to the Instructor and/or TA/Support Staff of the course immediately. 

About submission receipt

  • You will see a success message with a confirmation number after a successful submission. You are advised to take a screenshot and/or copy the information for your record.

You can also check the submitted file by clicking the file name under ‘Submission’, and/or click the ‘arrow down’ button to download the file.

  • You will also receive an email copy of the submission receipt after a successful submission. Please check the details in the email. You should keep the email as a record.

In case you cannot receive the email, you should check if the submission is successful on Blackboard.

  • You can check the submission receipt under ‘My Grades’ if it is shown to students.

Please contact us at ITSC Service Desk (https://servicedesk.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk) or elearning@cuhk.edu.hk if you have questions.