Using "CUHK User Management" tool to manually manage users in your original course


With CUHK User Management tool, Instructors and TA/Support Staff can:

  1. Enroll Users
  2. Remove Users
  3. Change User Role
  4. Change User Availability


  1. On the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, and select CUHK User Management - LTI
  2. Enroll Users: Check the user list on this page and make sure the users are not on the list. Then, click Enroll User and input Staff/Student IDs to add (a) students, (b) instructors and/or (c) TA/Support Staff to your course site.
  3. Remove Users: Select users. Click Remove Users from Course to remove users from your course. 
    • When you remove users from a course, the system will delete all relevant user data. 
    • You cannot remove users added according to CUSIS information from a Blackboard course site. Update “Available” to “No” using the “Pen” icon to stop the user(s) from accessing the Blackboard course site.
  4. Change User Role / Availability: Click the “Pen” icon to edit the user’s role and availability if needed.

Additional reminder:

  • Changes made under Blackboard CUHK User Management Tool will NOT synchronize with / update by CUSIS (e.g., You have enrolled a student in your Blackboard Course during Add/Drop period, the student will still be there even s/he has dropped the course on CUSIS).
  • You could submit your requests to / ITSC Service Desk (Instructions), especially when you need to add over 10 users to your course site(s). Please make use of this template for batch enrollment.