Migration to Panopto Cloud on AWS (cuhk.ap.panopto.com) (completed) *** Service will be suspended at 4-7am on Jun 26 (Sat) for system upgrade ***

Latest updates

(as of Jun 17, 2021)


  • The current old Panopto system (panopto.cuhk.edu.hk) was managed hosted on MS Azure (HK region).  
  • Starting May 31  Jun 15, it is hosted by Panopto on AWS (Singapore region) with a new base URL cuhk.ap.panopto.com.  

Details of the Migration

The migration was performed by Panopto support.   The migration consists of three major tasks:

  1. Content migration (file of the recordings)
  2. Database migration (metadata of the recordings, permission data, view data, in-video quiz and attempt data, etc.
  3. URL redirection  (redirect panopto.cuhk.edu.hk to cuhk.ap.panopto.com)

Your actions

  1. Users are advised 
    • NOT to create new recordings, or schedule important tasks on the Panopto system on Jun 14 - 15.  
    • NOT to edit recordings previous uploaded on the Panopto system until the completion of the migration is announced on Jun 15 (Tue).
  2. Delta migration
    • Although users are advised not to create new recordings, some might still do so accidentally (or for other reasons).  Delta migrations will be performed to copy new recordings created on the current Panopto system on Azure on May 28 – Jun 14 to the Cloud AWS system.
    • The delta migration will only copy recordings newly created on the system during the migration period (6 pm on May 28 – 5 pm on Jun 14).
    • The following meta changes made to recordings uploaded to the system before 6 pm on May 28 during the migration period (6 pm on May 28 – 5 pm on Jun 14) will stay with the current Panopto system on Azure and will not be copied to the Cloud AWS system.
      • Everything in the editing screen
      • Everything in the settings modal
      • Analytics (view, question attempt, etc.)
    • User may consider temporarily switching to use ZOOM to create new recordings in classrooms / LTs during the migration cut-over periods.
  3. Users using the Panopto recorders need to update the Panopto recorder (Steps).
    • RES managed classrooms/LTs are being upgraded by AVSU in the Summer break.  The configuration will be updated around late August for all classrooms/LTs before the new academic year.  
      • Before the upgrade is completed, users may need to update/install the Panopto recorder themselves after they start the classroom computer. 
      • Please test your setup early if you plan to use Panopto in classrooms/LTs during the Summer break.  AVSU may arrange the configuration update earlier on request.
  4. Additional reminder for Classroom Internet Connection: Unified Login ID to Campus Network (starting Sept 28) and 2FA Implementation on Classroom Network (starting May 17) (Details)
    • Make sure you know how to use the passcode if you don't have a stable internet connection on your mobile phone to receive Duo 2FA push messages.


  • After the migration, users can enjoy new features offered by the Panopto Cloud AWS system running the latest version, such as Smart Chapter, ZOOM recording (auto) import.  
  • The Cloud AWS system also offers better performance and higher availability according to the units who had prior experience in using the cloud system in pilot tests in the past two years (e.g. collection of student video assignment submission by the PE unit).