Sharing course materials on Blackboard


  • Wanting to share a resource with your students but not knowing how or where?
  • This article introduces features in Blackboard which you can use to share the following content items with your students:
    • lecture notes, which are in .docx, .ppt, .pdf format (and grouping the content items by week/topic)
    • videos

Create Containers for Content

Create content items or share websites

  • You can share website or upload documents for students to prepare and review your lessons. Files uploaded to content areas can be downloaded. 
  • If needed, you can review the tips from Ally for improving your content accessibility. Students can convert the files to alternative formats if needed.
  • To edit/manage the items in content area, access the item's menu and choose “Edit”. 
  • Reminder: remember to turn Edit Mode ON. For more: Blackboard Help: Navigate Inside a Course

Share video files

Panopto (Video Content Management System)

Zoom cloud recording

  • If you schedule Zoom meetings under Blackboard's Zoom LTI, you can publish the recordings on cloud Zoom LTI > Recordings.
    • Note: Anyone has the recording link and the passcode can access the recordings. 
    • Please also note that the cloud recording could be uploaded to Panopto automatically as well.
  • If you schedule Zoom meetings under CUHK Zoom Portal (, you can share Zoom cloud recordings by providing students the recording link and the passcode. Please note that anyone has the above information can access the recording. For more, please refer to Zoom Help Center: Managing and sharing cloud recordings

Course copy

The perfect tool if you have taught the course previously and would like to reuse the content. To learn more, visit: