Blackboard's ZOOM Panopto Cloud Integration


  • By default, videos uploaded to Panopto course folders are restricted to the respective class lists.
    • If teachers / TA / Support Staff share videos (e.g. lecture recordings, micro-module videos, revision videos) to their Panopto course folders for their students to review, detailed view statistics are available.
  • A lot of teachers / TA / Support Staff use ZOOM recording function to record online lessons.
    • ZOOM cloud recordings can be easily shared with students using ZOOM cloud recording share function.
    • By default, only the host can download the recording.  
    • ZOOM cloud recording analytics is limited to the counts of view/download only.  
  • Therefore, some teachers / TA / Support Staff prefer to upload their recording of their online lectures (e.g. recordings of Zoom meetings) to their Panopto course folders for their students to review
    • In the past, the only way to upload cloud recordings of Zoom meetings to Panopto is to download them from Zoom, then access the Panopto course folder and upload them.
  • Now, you can schedule a Zoom meeting in Blackboard with cloud recording enable, then the recording will be uploaded to Panopto cloud automatically.  Please follow the steps listed in this article.


  • This "automatic upload of ZOOM cloud recording to Panopto Cloud service" feature is only supported by the pilot Panopto cloud service running on AWS Singapore region (  
  • The pilot Panopto cloud is primarily set up to support students’ video assignment submission.
  • It may be more difficult for students in ML China to access this pilot Panopto cloud service ( than our CUHK Panopto service ( hosted in MS Azure HK region).


  1. Workflow

  2. Enable “Panopto Cloud Course Tool” in Blackboard course menu

    1. Select the Add Menu Item icon. Select “Tool Link”.
    2. Enter a name for the link. For the Type, select “Panopto Cloud Course Tool”. Check the box “Available to Users”. Click “Submit”.
    3. Click the “Panopto Cloud Course Tool” link that you have just created and check if you can access Panopto (Cloud).
  3. Schedule Zoom meetings

    1. Show the Zoom link in the Course Menu to students by clicking the link’s menu and select “Show Link”.
    2. Click the Zoom link.
    3. Click “Schedule a New Meeting”.
    4. Enter the meeting information. You can select “Record the meeting automatically” and “In the cloud” (or leave "Record the meeting automatically" blank and select “Cloud Recording” in the meeting). Click “Save”.
  4. Check the Zoom meetings’ settings

    1. Access (or in China). Click “Sign in”. Then sign in via CUHK Login.
    2. Access “Meetings”. Click on the meeting’s topic.
    3. Check the field “panopto_folder_context” has value or not.
  5. Start the Zoom meetings

    1. Please refer to Zoom Help Center: How do I Start or Join a Scheduled Meeting as the Host?
    2. Make sure the meeting is recorded to the cloud. 
    3. The cloud recording will start to process after the meeting is ended. When the cloud recording is ready on Zoom (, you will receive an email notification. Then, it will start the processing on Panopto Cloud.
  6. View the recordings in the Panopto Cloud course folder

    1. Click the “Panopto Cloud Course Tool” link that you have previously created in the Blackboard course menu.
    2. And you can view the recording in the Panopto Cloud course folder.


  • The above steps involves using Blackboard's ZOOM Integration to schedule the meetings. 
  • To learn more about Blackboard's ZOOM Integration, please refer to
  • Please note that “If there are multiple teachers, TAs, support staff in the course, they would be assigned as the "alternative hosts" when scheduling the meetings. They can start the meetings as the meeting hosts or join the meeting as co-hosts (even the meetings are not scheduled by them).”